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Stop by our 59th St. Studios to brush up on your production skills, have MNN create a promo for you, or connect and chat with MNN Community Producers and Staff. Plus visit the El Barrio Firehouse for a Spanish-language workshop on effective production and editing techniques.
Nos place invitarlos ha participar en el seminario, “Como Organizar de Manera Efectiva sus Videos y Programas: Oportunidad de explorar ideas y tecnicas de edicion y production de television.”
As Baltimore struggles to restore peace after the death of Freddy Gray in police custody, the Youth Channel explores policing tactics, police brutality, and the controversial stop and frisk policy.
Making the leap from public access to cable, “The Chris Gethard Show” premieres on Fusion on May 28. To give Chris a proper MNN send-off, we’ve selected some of our favorite episodes from the MNN archives.


Represent NYC

Represent NYC

Represent NYC is a new weekly program that gives local elected officials and candidates the chance to update voters about the issues shaping the future of the city. 

Clip of the Week

As the Baltimore protests spread to NY and other cities throughout the United States, MNN looks back to the “Community Cop” discussion of the Ferguson, Missouri grand jury decision not to indict Police Office Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown.

Producer Spotlight

It's been awhile since our last "MNN Diaries" installment, and trust us, it's been worth the wait!